Thursday, 2 September 2010

Coming up for air!

Is it really September?!  2010 has flown by....and so has this summer.  For the past month I've been consumed by lesson plans, teaching practices, multiple assignments and the intricacies of English grammar, but I have since emerged from my CELTA course as a fully qualified English language teacher!  Sadly there hasn't been much time for blogging or any other creative outlet (even my Project 365 has been badly neglected), but September brings with it a welcome change of pace and some exciting new changes (more on those later!).  

September also marks the start of two new classes: Shimelle's Learn Something New Everyday and Cathy Zielske's Me: The Abridged Version (which doesn't start until the 16th, so there's still plenty of time to sign up if you want to play along!).  

I love the premise of Shimelle's class...with the weather taking a decidedly autumnal turn and the start of a new school year, it is so appropriate to kick-start our creativity with a class focused on acknowledging and learning from life's daily lessons.  Yesterday I made a start on constructing my album...I decided on a 4x6 size with some book rings, so that I can add photos and mementos as I go along.  Here's a close-up:

And here's a look at the front cover in its entirety (click on it to make it larger):

I'm so excited to get started on yesterday's page!  And if you haven't signed up yet, I'm sure it's not too late...just head on over to or sign up here

Thank you for looking!


Melissa said...

Lovely cover page!

JO SOWERBY said...

hi genevieve congrats on passing ur course, where are u working now?
i am also doing both classes, it will be g8 to see another friendly blogger on the forums
Jo xxx

Meghann said...

I've missed 'seeing' you on here! Congrats on your accreditation. The front cover looks fab! Can't wait to see what goes inside.

Barb said...

Super cute!

Sian said...

Congrats on your qualification! That's a summer well spent, then :)

Your album is going to be gorgeous. I can tell.

sharyncarlson said...

Your cover is so adorable! Can't wait to see more of the album as it develops!

Keshka said...

It looks adorable so far!