Sunday, 29 November 2009

In need of fun (day 8)

It is so appropriate that prompt no. 8 is all about fun (yup, I'm still persevering with the Blogging for Scrapbookers prompts...I'm so completely determined to finish this class!). This week my laptop and I have spent a whole lot of time wrestling with two essays and not making much progress. It is so frustrating, because I was really hoping to get them finished in time for the start of Shimelle's JYC class and the countdown to Christmas. Wishful thinking, sadly! Anyhoo, every cloud has a silver lining...because in between checking my word count and making extensive use of the thesaurus facility on my MacBook, I like to sneak online and spend a couple of moments 'reflecting' (or procrastinating).

When I was writing my dissertation, my procrastination method of choice was Puzzle Bobble. I was OBSESSED with it! And funnily enough, since handing in my dissertation in February of this year, I have been too traumatised to play it. These days, I mostly like to spend a few minutes faffing around on YouTube, but all in the name of legitimate 'research' (naturally). For the past couple of years I have been desperate to get a dog, and I've spent countless hours YouTubing various breeds. No. 1 on my list is a Shih Tzu (which I had growing up) - I've found some adorable videos and I'm excited to share them with you!

Every time I watch this it cracks me up!

Ridiculously cute.

I just loved this video!

Another favourite.

I hope you enjoy them! Here's hoping next week is a productive one...

Thank you for stopping by!

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