Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Over the past two and half weeks I've been...

1. Chilli con carne at La Perla (seriously delicious, but a massive portion).
2. Irish cream and tiramisu ice cream sundae at Patisserie Valerie (amazing).


I have a confession.

After six months of sitting on the fence...of telling myself that I 100% could not justify the additional expense of a kit each month (even though I lusted after each and every one since January)...I gave in.

I am now a bona fide Studio Calico subscriber.

I experienced my first reveal at the end of May thinking that I would just supplement the main kit with some adhesive and possibly some add-on paper, thereby honouring my promise to Jamie that I would be abstemious.  

Fifteen minutes after the kits went live I was hysterically debating the relative merits of Shade Tree vs. Rec League on the phone with my nearest and dearest.  Five minutes after that, Rec League had sold out (problem solved).  That was, until I decided that I couldn't live without Front Porch.  And some items from the shop.  And some add-on paper.  And then Studio Calico kindly decided to do a 20% I got the 7 Gypsies receipt holder for my living room...and some more stuff from the shop.

I need an intervention.

Here's hoping I can stay on the straight and narrow next month (I'll keep you posted). 

Inspired by:

I signed up to Tumblr a few weeks ago.  I. LOVE. IT.  I cannot recommend it enough.  Here are a couple of things I've been eyeing up recently:  

 By dearcolleen - found via decor8.

 By tagteamtompkins - found via decor8

I finally finished the first year of my Masters on Friday!  It's been a hectic two months....but as I watched the last couple of minutes countdown on the clock in the exam hall (opposite Westminster Abbey - such a cool location!) I just felt so relieved to have some respite from deadlines and revision.  Jamie and I celebrated with curly fries, Desperados and the itbox.  It felt good to be free :)


More on this later in the week!  But in the meantime, you can find out more here and here....

Happy Wednesday!


Sian said...

Ooh, look at your doilies! They're gorgeous. Are you going to put them in the flikr group?

Love SC, but abstemious (great word) isn't for me either when it comes to the reveal. I got Front Porch too.

Congrats on finishing up the exams.

sharyncarlson said...

I had to smile about your SC story! I COMPLETELY understand. I've sworn off the add-on kits to save on costs, but that hasn't lasted long and I have to talk myself out of purchasing an add-on every single month! Can't wait to see what you create with the kit :)

Curlywiggles said...

You won't ever regret joining SC, their kits are amazing! Some months I am restrained but others I end up with 2 add-ons. You have to be realistic about what you will actually use and what fits your style. Have you bought any mist's yet? Because you will be hooked! Your doilies are pretty!