Saturday, 2 October 2010

Drawing inspiration from fall fashion

Now that Autumn is officially (and finally) here, it's time to start thinking about my Autumn/Winter wardrobe!  To be honest, there's only so much that you can achieve when you're a student on a very tight budget, but it's nice to dream...and I have had lots of eye candy drop through my letterbox recently, which only enables me further :) Two of my favourite catalogues so far are from Toast, which is beautifully photographed and full of autumnal goodness...and Jack Wills, featured in the layout above.  I knew I wanted to create some sort of autumnal mood board after flicking through my ever-increasing pile of catalogues, but when I read this week's challenge on the Studio Calico blog, I thought it would be fun to do a layout, too!   

The challenge this week is to create a layout or project inspired by fall fashion.  I already knew what I wanted the layout to be about, so I drew inspiration from two of my most recent purchases for the layout itself.  The stripes in the cardigan really appealed to me, so I decided to go for a linear design.  And when I saw these slippers in Accessorize, it was the chain of hearts that swayed I recreated the same effect using my heart punch and the B side of one of the Sassafrass papers from Studio Calico's September kit (love those little hearts!).  This was my first Back 40 layout and I'm loving the kit so was definitely worth the wait!  To finish off the layout, I chose my five favourite outfits from a duplicate Jack Wills catalogue that I had lying around.  Those boots?  They are at the very top of my wish list.  

Also on my wish list...the Sewing Basket Apron from Anthropologie (you can also buy a matching pot holder) and the Continental Hello Wallet, also from Anthro.  This is actually a Hobo International  Lauren Clutch...they were so popular when I was in high school and I've been trying to track them down in the UK ever since so that I can replace my very worn out original.  I practically blew out Jamie's ear drum when I saw them in the store last week!  They're a little pricey, but I'm wondering whether I should splurge anyway...or maybe I should sleep on it.  *Ahem* 

What's on your wish list at the moment?    


Sian said...

I was so very tempted by one of those aprons on my visit to Anthro in the summer. Your fashion layout is fabulous - a brilliantly abstract idea for a page. I love it! (And the boots..)

Curlywiggles said...

Lovely layout. I too always get the Toast Catalogue, but it's way out of my budget! I'd really love some moccasin boots, but they've been on my wish list for about 2 years now. One day!

Meghann said...

Great layout! I really would like any new clothing at the moment, but not ready for boots or sweaters yet. Still in shorts and flip flops here!

Keshet said...

Love this page and the fashion inspo!