Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Hints of Autumn....

October is my absolute favourite month of the year, so it is appropriate that my first ever blog post is dedicated to all things autumnal! 'Life and Layouts' is sort of an experiment for me. After a four year hiatus, I finally have a bit more time to devote to scrapbooking and general crafts, and as I slowly resurrected my hobby over the summer of this year, I literally could not believe how scrapbooking has evolved since I started back in 2004. I wanted to become a small part of the scrapping community that has developed over the past few years - both in the UK and worldwide - and it seemed that the obvious way to become involved was to showcase some of my creations online. So, this blog is primarily for all things crafty, but, since scrapbooking is all about preserving memories, I am pretty sure that elements of my own life will gradually filter through as well.

At the moment I am trying to figure out how everything on Blogger works (I'm not quite a technophobe, but I do get easily confused...) so for today's post I have uploaded an autumnal collage that I created on Picasa. I am ordinarily based in London, but last weekend I popped home for a family birthday, which provided the ideal opportunity to capture some seasonal magic! All but the middle picture were taken in my parents' garden, whilst the shot of the pumpkins was taken at Secretts Farm Shop (which is a fantastic find if you live in Surrey). I edited the photos using my new latest online obsession, Picnik, and then uploaded the photos to Picasa. I have since used the collage to create a 'colourful' Autumn-themed decoration for the living room, so check back soon for the result!
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